Swopstakes Gameplay

Old-fashioned sweepstakes are run on just the one event.

Swopstakes is a sweepstake but played out over multiple events, like

  • an entire race meeting
  • a round of football

Just like a sweepstake, the game starts with a pool of tickets. In the pool there is one unique ticket for every possible combination of winning outcomes.

This means

  • no two tickets are the same
  • at the end of the game, only 1 ticket will have the winner in every event.

How cool is that?

Cooler still, you choose how you play Swopstakes.

Challenge Games

Our challenge games give you the option to take the fun to another level.

You can join a game by buying tickets from the Pool.

Then check your tickets before each event and:

  • Hold - hang on to tickets you think will survive
  • Fold - cash out tickets you think will be knocked out
  • Raise - buy more tickets, to increase your chance of survival
  • Swop - throw out all your tickets and redraw

Plus, not only can you buy tickets from the Pool you can also search and buy tickets from The Bank. These are tickets other players chose to cash-out.

Or Just Take It Easy

Of course, you can just buy tickets, sit back, and cheer!

Swopstakes guarantees a winning ticket in every game and today could be your lucky day!

You choose how you want to play.

Play Swopstakes now!

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