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How to buy tickets from The Bank
How to buy tickets from The Bank

Search & buy the outcomes you want, at a discounted price!

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In our Challenge games you can search for tickets where you can see the selections on the ticket before you purchase. These are tickets that other players have previously Cashed-Out to the Bank.  The ticket price will vary depending on the selections on the ticket.  E.g. tickets with favoured outcomes will cost you more.

From the game screen:

  • click the Buy Tickets button and select 'Buy from Bank', to see to the list of all Bank-owned tickets; or

  • click the 'Filter' to select the outcome you want, and select Buy Ticket to see the list of available tickets matching that outcome.

You can click on a ticket to see the full ticket details prior to purchase.

The purchase price is based on the ticket's current game value. Make sure you watch for the Bank discount to snap up a bargain.

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