Not sure about your chance of survival going into the next event?

Think your tickets might be knocked out?

One of your choices in EasyPlay & Challenge games is to swop!

How does swop work?

When you swop you cash-out all of your tickets and re-draw.

The tickets you re-draw are picked at random from the tickets in the Pool. You get one new ticket for every ticket you swop.

Your old tickets are then put back into the Pool.

How do You Swop?

To swop your tickets

  • click the Swop button
  • review the cost to swop
  • click to confirm, or cancel
  • if you confirm you will then be able to review your new tickets 

The cost to swop will vary depending on the stage of the game but it is always a fraction of the current cost to buy tickets from the Pool.

The cost is less because you are cashing-out your current tickets and putting them back into the Pool. 

When can you Swop?

Tickets can be swopped at any time up to 5 minutes prior to the advertised start of the next event, subject to:

  • the availability of tickets in the Pool
  • having enough FTP Chips to pay for the Swop 

Swop is not available while an event is in progress.

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