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Fold | How to cash-out Swopstakes tickets.
Fold | How to cash-out Swopstakes tickets.

Folding your tickets before they get knocked out.

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In Challenge games you choose how you play.

One of your choices is to Fold, or cash-out.

Why would I Fold?

All tickets have a value based on the ticket’s current chance of winning the game.

Ticket values: 

  • fluctuate - as market opinion about the outcomes change

  • increase - when they survive an event

  • are wiped out - if the ticket is knocked out 

Folding lets you 'cash-out' tickets that you think won't survive the next event, as tickets that don't survive will be worth nothing!

Steps to Follow

  1. Click the outcome to see The Bank’s offer

  2. Click the cash-out option

  3. Confirm your cash-out decision

When you choose to cash-out an outcome:

  • All of your tickets on that outcome are cashed out

  • The Bank’s cash-out offer is immediately added to your wallet

  • The Bank becomes the new ticket owner

  • The Bank immediately puts the ticket up for resale

You can also cash out individual tickets by first clicking view 'Tickets'.

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