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How do I search for Swopstakes tickets?
How do I search for Swopstakes tickets?

Find and buy tickets with your favourite outcomes.

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In Challenge games you have the option to ‘fold’ or cash-out tickets that you think won't survive the next event.

When a player chooses to fold a ticket, the Bank:

  • pays the player the cash-out offer

  • becomes the new ticket owner

  • immediately puts the ticket up for re-sale

To search & buy tickets owned by the Bank.

  • On the game screen Click the outcome you're searching for

  • Click the option to Buy

  • You will then see a list of matching tickets, in order of current ticket value

  • Anything can happen in racing and sport but, according to the betting markets, the tickets with higher values are currently more favoured to win - we update the probabilities regularly to keep track of the latest market opinion  

From this list view you can:

  • Click on a ticket to see the full ticket details & history

  • Click on the filter to search for other tickets

  • Remove the outcome filter and see all of the tickets currently owned by The Bank

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