To play in our real-money games you will need to:

  • register a pay-to-play account

  • deposit funds to your pay-to-play wallet

The minimum deposit is $10 AUD.

Deposit funds must be turned over once before they can be withdrawn. Funds available for withdrawal will be displayed on the Withdraw screen.

How to make a deposit

Select DEPOSIT from the drop-down Account Menu.

Deposit by Credit/Debit Card

  • Your credit/debit card must be registered in the same name as your Swopstakes account.

  • Funds deposited via card will be immediately credited to your pay-to-play wallet.

You can type directly in the 'amount' field to withdraw specific amounts.

Deposit by Bank Transfer

  • Funds deposited via Bank Transfer will be credited to your pay-to-play wallet as soon as they cleared in our bank account.

  • Make sure that you include your Swopstakes Player ID and/or Swopstakes Nickname in the transfer reference.

NOTE: You can find your Swopstakes Player ID and Nickname in your Player Profile.

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  • How to Withdraw

  • How to Verify my Account

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