We know you provided some details when you signed up but not quite enough to verify your ID.

No problem Swopstaker. It's easy to fix.

Just login to Swopstakes and look for Verify Now button in the drop-down menu.


  • Select Verify Now

  • The Verification screen will default to Australian Passport but you can select a different form of ID, like driver's license or medicare card, from the drop-down menu.

  • Peck in your details and you're done.

  • Thre's nothing you need to send or upload.

It's a government requirement that you verify within 14 days of joining, so make sure you verify to avoid being locked out of our pay-to-play games.

It now tells me Swopstakes will review

All good!

If when verifying your ID you had to correct some of the previous details you supplied, like the spelling of your name or your date of birth, the system prompts us to check the changes.

We'll get on to it immediately. Nothing more for you to do.

Take me back to Swopstakes.

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