Swopstakes Credits are a free-to-play gaming token used to buy tickets in Swopstakes games.

Players are gifted Credits for free at the start of every game.

You can use your Swopstakes Credits to buy tickets.

Prior to Game Day

In racing games we often start selling tickets days before the race meeting.

You can buy tickets early to reserve your spot in the game.

The tickets are issued around 8:00am on the morning of horse races, & around 10am on greyhound games, after official scratchings. Swopstakes will send you an email when your tickets are available.

On Game Day

Game Day means the day on which the 1st event will start. On Game Day you can buy tickets throughout the game, until they sell out.
You can choose whether you buy tickets:

  • From the Pool - fixed price auto-pick tickets.
  • From the Bank - tickets that other players have cashed out. When buying from the Bank, you can choose the runners you want. The ticket price will vary depending on the selections on the ticket.  E.g. tickets with favourites will cost you more.

Build Your Swopstakes Credits Balance

Any Swopstakes Credits you have left at the end of a game, plus any Credits you win, can be used in future games.

This lets you buy more tickets, and gives you more chance to win.

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