What a fantastic start to the Swopstakes Spring Carnival promotion.

Buying, swopping, cashing-out, buying back from the Bank!

All through Derby Day we had hundreds of players battling it out to find the best tickets and stay alive.

After starting the game with over 18,000 tickets we arrived at Race 9 with just 8:

  • 4 player-owned tickets; and

  • 4 tickets players had chosen to cash out to the Bank

Not sure how the previous ticket owners CaptainCrackers, DaddyWins, Three6Mafia, TheStreaker, BurtBoogie, and Huggies80 were all feeling at that point but perhaps not entirely pleased with some earlier in-game decisions.
In any event, that was nothing to how Daddy and the Captain must have been feeling after the race, when 7% chance Divine Quality finished strongly to win the race, leaving a Bank-owned ticket the winner.

See the full results here.

The good news? All the runners up receive 500 PlayChips to spend in our Melbourne Cup Challenge on Tuesday.

The great news? The $2,000 prize jackpots to Cup day and brings the major prize up to $7,000 cash!

Baxter’s Tip

  • Try to balance having 100% chance of surviving the next race with cashing out tickets you don’t think will survive.

  • You can then use the PlayChips you receive to buy other tickets.

  • If you don't have enough PlayChips to buy tickets, think about swopping. It's a lot cheaper.

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