Why Can't I Login?

For security reasons you will be locked out after three unsuccessful attempts to enter your email and/or password.

So, there are a number of reasons you aren't able to login:

  1. You could be using the wrong email.

  2. You could be using the wrong password.

  3. Strange as it may sound. you may not have joined Swopstakes, or you didn't confirm your email when you first joined.

No problem young Swopstaker. It's all easily fixed.

1. Wrong Email

Firstly, you use your email address to login - not your Swopstakes Nickname.

Many people have multiple email addresses. You need to enter the email address that you used to join Swopstakes.

  • If you're not sure which email you used then search your mailbox for emails sent by Swopstakes. Check the address "To" address on the messages to be sure which email address to use.

  • Enter the correct email address and password and press 'login'.

2. Wrong Password

If you've forgotten your password:

  • Click on the 'Forgot Password?' link.

  • Enter the email address that you used to join Swopstakes (if you can't recall the email address refer to Step 1 above).

  • Click on the 'Send Reset Link' button.

  • When the email arrives in your mailbox, click the link to set a new password.

  • Login to Swopstakes using your email and new password.  

3. Unconfirmed Email Address

When you join Swopstakes we ask you to confirm your email address.

It may be that you didn't receive the confirmation email or that you simply didn't complete the Swopstakes registration process.

You can either:

  • Try to join again; or

  • Click on our blue chat icon in the bottom right of your screen to get help from one of our friendly support team.

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