Locating your Profile

To find your Profile, first ensure you are logged in and then click the hamburger menu (top left) , click My Account and then select Profile. Your profile will then be displayed. 

Editing your Nickname

Within the Profile area, you can change your nickname by clicking Edit Profile. You will be directed to a new page that will allow you to type in a new nickname.

You can't select a nickname that is already being used by another player, or one which is against Swopstakes rules to use profanities within your nickname.

Editing your Avatar

To change the Avatar that is displayed with your Nickname, click the Edit button on your current image and find an image file in which to upload.

If you click Remove avatar, your current image will be replaced automatically with a new image from our library. Keep clicking Remove avatar to cycle through our Avatar image library.

Changing your Password
To change the password associated with your account, click Change Password. You will be directed to a new page in which to change and confirm your password.

Editing My Profile

  • Log in to swopstakes.com using your current User Id and Password.

  • Click on the Hamburger Menu (the 3 lines) in the top left corner of the screen.

  • Then click on Profile.

  • To change the Avator (image) that is displayed with your Nickname, you click on EDIT which appears under your current image.

  • If you click on Remove avatar it will replace the existing Avatar (image) with a new Avatar that we provide for free. The replacement Avatar will display automatically. Keep clicking Remove avatar to change images.

  • If you want to add your own Avatar then click on EDIT and Swopstakes will display the folders on your device for you to select from your own images.

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