Howdy Swopstaker

Rugba League is back! And we're loving it.

So much so, Gus & I have emptied the lolly-jar to host a $5,000 NRL Monster game to help celebrate footy's triumphant return.

How can you play Swopstakes on the NRL?

We'll publish the game on Tuesday.

As usual

  • you get 50 free credits to start the game

  • you can use any other credits you've accumulated to grab additional tickets

If you're new to Swopstakes, or perhaps looking to develop your swopstaking skills, check out this 'how to play' video and some of our other tips and tricks, ahead of Thursday's kick off.

We'll be looking for you on the leaderboards.

Meanwhile, be patient and stay kind.

Now go wash your hands!

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