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A Comedy of Errors
A Comedy of Errors

The fortunes and misfortunes of Swopstakes ticket traders

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Unlike traditional wagering, Swopstakes is a player v player game of survival.

To improve your chance of survival you have choices.

Before every event you can:

  • hold - hang onto tickets you think will survive

  • fold - cashout tickets you think will be knocked out

  • swop - throw in your tickets and redraw

  • raise - buy more tickets, from the Pool or from TheBank

Sound Good?

Well we're not here to judge but what do you think of the efforts of some of these players?

It Gets Worse

Or these guys, who actually ended up selling the $500 winning ticket back to the TheBank!

Check out the Trading History

To look at the trading history of any ticket just click the ticket on the leaderboard, or any of your own tickets, and select 'History'

Good luck in this week's games. We'll be looking for you on the leaderboard.
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