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Free-Play Terms & Conditions
Free-Play Terms & Conditions

Rules applying to Swopstakes free-play games.

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We're committed to offering free-play games every week.

Here's how they work.

Eligible Participants ("Entrants")

Entry is open to Australian residents (excluding residents of South Australia and the

Australian Capital Territory) aged 18+ who register via the website.

The Promotion will operate from 5 February 2022 to 21 January 2023 (inclusive) (“Promotion Period”). The Promoter is Swopstakes Australia Pty Ltd.

Excluded Persons are not eligible to participate in this Promotion, or to receive any prize or benefit. “Excluded Persons” means any person identified as:

  • a minor (a person not aged 18+);

  • a self-excluded patron or an involuntarily excluded patron;

  • not residing in Australia;

  • a resident of South Australia or the Australian Capital Territory; or

  • a person who entered contrary to or who has otherwise breached the conditions

    for the Promotion (for example, regarding the number of permitted entries) or conditions relating to Swopstakes’ Terms of Use

If a person is identified as, or suspected of being, an Excluded Person, the Promoter

reserves the right to refuse to allow the person to take any further part in the Promotion, or to refuse to pay any Prize or benefit, and such person will have no right to receive one.

The Promoter will notify any relevant regulator accordingly where required by law to do so.

The Promoter is entitled to require that Entrants provide proof they are not an Excluded Person prior to making any prize payments.

How to Enter

Entrants can join the Promotion at the website by registering with their email address and password.

Entrants are required to verify their email address to complete the joining process.

Number of Entries

Entrants may only register to join the Promotion once per person.

We reserve the right to void any entry where we know or suspect that a person has used a temporary email, an invalid email, an email belonging to another individual, or any combination of emails or has taken any other action or attempted action in order to enter one of more games during the Promotion Period more than once.

Conduct of Prize Draw

  1. Swopstakes Chips are awarded to the Entrant at the time they first view a new Free-to-Play (F2P) game. F2P games will be run weekly during the Promotion Period. The number of Swopstakes Chips awarded for each F2P game will be advised on [and in the Swopstakes app]. Entrants that fail to view a F2P game prior to that game's conclusion will not receive 50 Swopstakes Chips.

  2. The Promoter may, from time to time, offer Entrants bonus Swopstakes Chips e.g. for the early application for tickets or for surviving a specific event in the F2P game. These offers will be communicated via the Swopstakes website.

  3. Subject to clause 1, Swopstakes Chips will accumulate in the Entrant's free-to-play wallet throughout the Promotion Period and can be used by the Entrant to purchase tickets in any or all of the Promotion's F2P games.

  4. Tickets in a F2P game will contain a selection in each of the nominated events over which that game will be conducted.

  5. The pool of tickets in a F2P game will contain one ticket for every possible combination of selections. No two tickets in a F2P game will be the same.

  6. After each event has officially resulted, all of the tickets that contain the winning selection in that event survive to the next nominated event; all other tickets are eliminated from the F2P game.

  7. The Major Prize in a F2P game is won by the Entrant (if any) holding the ticket that

    contained the winner in each and every one of the nominated events.

  8. In the case of a dead-heat or tied result in any of the game's events, the Major Prize will be split equally between each of the Entrants that hold a ticket containing the winner in each and every one of the nominated events.

  9. Cash Prizes will be paid by way of electronic bank transfer to an account nominated by the prize winner following verification of eligibility. The bank account specified must be an Australian bank account. Prize money will be transferred directly into the winner’s bank account within 10 business days after the winner has advised the Promoter of their bank account details.

  10. In a F2P game where the Major Prize is won, Entrants with tickets that survived the next most number of events will win a Consolation Prize of 250 Swopstakes Credits. Swopstakes Credits have no value or utility other than for use in future Swopstakes F2P games during the Promotion period.

  11. Other than as set out in clause 13, in a F2P game where the Major Prize is not won, any Entrant or Entrants with a ticket containing selections that survived the next most number of events will all win a Consolation Prize of 250 Swopstakes Credits.

  12. Where no player holds the winning ticket, the Major Prize will Jackpot to the next Competition during the Promotional Period.

  13. Where no Entrant holds a winning ticket in the final F2P games of the Promotion (to be conducted on the weekend of 21 January 2023), the Major Prize will be split equally amongst the Consolation Prize winners in that same game.

  14. At the conclusion of the Promotion, all Swopstakes Chip balances for all Entrants will expire. Any unused Swopstakes Chips will be removed from the Entrant's F2P wallet.

  15. Swopstakes Chips are not redeemable for cash and do not otherwise have any value outside of the Promotion.

Competition Days & Prizes

The Competition Days and F2P games will be advertised via the Swopstakes website at and notified, for subscribed Entrants, via a weekly email.

Notification of Prize Winners

  • The winner(s) will be published on the site within one hour of the completion of each F2P game.

  • Additionally, the winner(s) will be personally notified via personal in-app messaging on, within one hour of the completion of each competition.

  • The winner(s) will be required to verify that they are not an Excluded Person prior to making any prize payments.

  • All other requirements applicable to the payment of funds apply.

Unclaimed Prizes

In the event, that for any reason, a winner does not accept a Prize (including if the Promoter is not able to contact the winner) by 11.59 PM (Sydney time) on 21 January 2023, or if the winner is determined to be an Excluded Person or otherwise not to be entitled to the prize pursuant to these Conditions of Entry, the Prize will be forfeited and the value of such Prize will be equally distributed amongst any Major Prize winners across the Promotion Period.

This promotion is conducted under NSW Authority Number TP/01614, issued by the NSW Government Fair Trading.

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