If you're completely new to Swopstakes you should take a couple of minutes to watch this How to Play video. It's the key to longer lasting Swopstakes performance and who wouldn't want that?

But before you go off early, this is how the Triple Crown Challenge will work.

A game will be run on each leg of the Triple Crown series

  • Game 1 : 19 SEP, Tarzino Trophy
  • Game 2 : 3 OCT, Windosr Park Plate
  • Game 3 : 17 OCT, Livamol Classic

To win a game, your ticket has to have the winner in every race. But don't stress:

  • your ticket will have multiple selections in most races
  • there's a winning ticket in every game

If the winning ticket isn't sold, the boys (& girls) still get paid! All the tickets that survived the longest will share the prize.

Much More Than Just a Sweepstake

Like in any sweepstake, sure you can sit back and ride your luck.

The bonus in this game is, before each race, you have the option to:

  • hold - hang on to the tickets you think will survive the next race
  • fold - cash out tickets you think will be knocked out
  • swop - throw in and redraw a fresh set of tickets
  • raise - buy more tickets to increase your chance of survival

And to get you in the swing, in every game you can swop every 15 minutes for free - right up to the start of the first race.

More fun than you think and definitely more challenging. Plus, of course, there's the bragging rights and cash to be won!

As we said, it pays to watch the How to Play video.

Join the Movement

You don't have to be a Boys Get Paid Member to play, or win, but it certainly pays to belong.

If you've a passion for racing and love getting involved with people who love getting people involved, then come and join the movement.

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