Swopstakes is an approved betting provider of Racing Victoria and home of Australia's greatest Cup sweepstake.

Every ticket gives you more races, more runners, and bigger prizes!

Instead of being played on just the Melbourne Cup, your tickets will give you selections in 4 races:

  • Race 7, the Melbourne Cup

  • Flemington Race 8

  • Flemington Race 9

  • Flemington Race 10

Just like a sweep, there is one ticket in the game for every possible combination of winners. No two tickets are the same.

After each race is run and won:

  • all tickets that don't have the race winner are knocked out

  • all tickets with the winner survive to the next race

The aim of the game is to be the last player left standing, holding the 1 ticket in the game that has the winner of all 4 races.

It's fun and exciting, with the Cup Day action lasting all afternoon.

Plus the prizes are far bigger than a normal sweep.

How do I get tickets?

To buy tickets and secure your spot in a sweep you can:

  • Buy a Cup Pack to get 50 tickets in 5 games

  • Choose and buy tickets in any of the 10 Cup Day sweeps

When do I get my tickets?

Tickets will be issued on the morning of the Cup, after official scratchings. Like a traditional sweep, all tickets are drawn at random.

You will be emailed on Cup Day when your tickets are drawn.

You can view your tickets on your phone, tablet, or PC - from wherever you're planning to watch the Cup.

How do I play?

Swopstakes lets you choose how you play and the easy part is, you don't have to do anything.

All of your tickets will have selections in each of the 4 races, just like this ticket.

However, if you fancy increasing your Cup Day fun, everybody playing has 3 easy choices before every race to:

1. Hold

  • If you like the selections on your tickets, then just hang on. Ride your luck, and cheer home the winners.

2. Swop

  • If you don't like the selections on your tickets, then throw them back in exchange for new tickets. Click to learn more about swopping tickets.

3. Raise

  • If you're simply looking to increase your chance of winning you can buy extra tickets.

You can Swop and Raise all throughout every game until the tickets are sold out.

All results and leaderboards are updated live.

All prizes are immediately paid into your account.

Good luck! We'll be looking for you on the leaderboards.

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