Our Bust or Blast game format focuses on the first 10 overs in a T20 innings and on what the audience loves the most - fours & sixes!

Overs 1 to 8

The challenge in each of the first 8 overs is a choice between the batsmen scoring:

  • 0-1 boundaries

  • 2 or more boundaries

Boundaries at this stage can be fours or sixes.

At the end of each over, tickets with the correct outcome will survive to the next over.

All other tickets are knocked out.

Overs 9 and 10

The challenge in overs 9 and 10 is a choice between the batsmen scoring:

  • no boundaries

  • fours only

  • sixes only

  • both fours and sixes

In-Game Options

Players can buy and swop tickets throughout the game until sold out.

Once an innings starts the options to buy and swop will be unavailble while an over is in progress. That means from the period:

  • when a bowler commences his run-up for the first delivery of the over

  • up until the outcome for that over is decided.

The option to fold tickets and cash-out is not available.

What If?

If an innings is abandoned before it starts we will cacnel the game and refund all ticket payments in full.

If an innings is terminated prior to the end of 10 overs all possible outcomes in the unfinished overs will be resulted as winning outcomes, and the prize pool shared by the surviving tickets.

Prize Payment

In every game the Ticket Pool has one ticket for every possible combination of winning outcomes. It's the Swopstakes 'winning ticket in every game' guarantee.

If a player buys and holds the ticket with every winning outcome they collect the Major Prize.

  • all of the tickets that had the next longest winning sequence share the Consolation Prize

If the ticket with all the winning outcomes isn't sold i.e. the ticket remains in the Pool, then the combined prize pools - Major & Consolation - are shared by the tickets with the longest winning sequence.

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