As well as honing your Swopstakes skills, free-play games give you the chance to win cash prizes and credits.

Winning players are listed on the Leaderboard as soon as we post the results of the final event.

You can see a resulted game here. You can view the winning players and their tickets and details about the ticket's history, such as:

  • how the player got the ticket

  • who else owned the ticket¬†

So how do free-winners get paid? 

Winning a Cash Prize

Cash prizes are paid to the ticket that survives every event in the game.

If you win a cash prize we will contact you via the Swopstakes app to arrange payment. Payment is made by bank transfer, subject to confirmation that your entry complies with the Free-play Terms & Conditions.

Winning FreePlay Credits

Swopstakes credits are paid as consolation prizes to all of the next best tickets in the game.

The credits are automatically credited to your free-play wallet.

You can use these credits to buy extra tickets in future games. Extra tickets give you extra chances to win the free-play cash prizes.

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