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How to use SuperSwop
How to use SuperSwop

You can now choose to swop a specific group of tickets.

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With Swopstakes, you choose how you play.

One of the unique options is the ability to "swop" your tickets.

If you're not happy with your current tickets - if you're getting worried about surviving that next event - swop them!

When you swop you fold your current tickets and re-draw from the Pool.

What is SuperSwop?

Previously you could choose to Swop All - which would fold and swop ALL of your tickets. You can still do this - check it out here.

What's new is you can now SuperSwop!

  • The option to choose which tickets you swop.

How do you SuperSwop?

  • Click the ticket bracket you want to swop, to open the options panel

  • Click SuperSwop

  • Review the cost to swop

  • Click to confirm

  • After the Swop you can check out your new tickets

What Does it Cost to SuperSwop?

The cost quoted to swop will vary depending on a number of factors:

Number of Tickets

that you swop

A lower number of tickets

cost less to swop.

Value of Tickets

that you swop

Tickets with a higher average value

cost less to swop.

% Chance of Survival

for tickets you swop

Tickets with high %chance

cost less to swop.

Remember, the new tickets you receive are drawn at random from the Pool.

So, always consider the quoted cost carefully in deciding whether to:

  • proceed with the SuperSwop

  • stick with the ticket(s) you already have

  • buy additional tickets instead

When can you SuperSwop?

You can swop in between events, right up to the final stages of a game, subject to:

  • the availability of tickets in the Pool

  • having enough credit to pay for the SuperSwop

Check the GameInfo panel for details on availability.

SuperSwop is not available while an event is in progress.

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