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Swopstakes New $1,000 Free Play Games
Swopstakes New $1,000 Free Play Games

Play Swopstakes for free to win real cash, every week.

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Swopstakes is giving away $1,000 every week.

Swopstakes is giving away $1,000, every week!

We're devoted to free and fun!

Best of all, we give you the chance to win real cash prizes.

So join and play in our weekend games of Hold or Fold, featuring all the big horse racing action from around Australia.

In every game, we gift you 50 free Swopstakes credits to buy tickets.

Your challenge is to survive, with options to:

  • Hold - the tickets you like

  • Fold - and get extra credits for the tickets you don't like

  • Swop - throw in your current tickets for new tickets

  • Raise - use your credits to buy more tickets

Follow the action at home, or in a venue with friends.

Spread the Swopstakes love to earn bonus credits for you and your friends.

Follow your friends to compete on your own leaderboard.

How far will you go?

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