Swopstakes is just like the sweepstake you've played on Melbourne Cup day.

  • 24 tickets go into a hat - 1 for each possible winner

  • you pay and draw a ticket

  • the race is run (you shout & scream)

  • if you hold the ticket with the winner, you win the sweep

How do Swopstakes Games Work?

Instead of being played on just the 1 race, Swopstakes games are played over a series of racing or sporting events, called rounds.

  • each game has a ticket for every possible combination of winning outcomes

  • no 2 tickets are the same

  • only 1 ticket will have the winning outcome in every event - so a guaranteed winning ticket in every single game

It's a Game of Survival

As each event is run and won:

  • tickets with the incorrect result are knocked-out

  • tickets with the correct result survive to the next round

So with every event:

  • the number of surviving tickets gets smaller

  • the value of the surviving tickets will increase.

When the final event in the game is resulted only 1 ticket will be left alive.

How Do I Win?

All tickets have a value, based on the prize pool and their chance of winning. We calculate this value throughout the game using live fixed odds markets.

Depending on the type of game, prior to each event you can:

  • Hold - hang onto the tickets you think will survive

  • Fold - cash-out the tickets you think will be knocked out

  • Raise - buy more tickets

  • Swop - fold all your tickets and redraw

The Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is:

  • to be the last player left alive, holding that 1 unique game ticket that correctly describes the winning outcome in every event; OR

  • to fold your tickets for a profit before you get knocked out

What if I Get Knocked Out?

You can buy back into the game by purchasing tickets from:

  • The Pool

  • The Bank

Swopstakes is a sweepstake that you can play. You are competing against other players in a fun game of survival, to find and hold, that one ticket in the game that will have every winning outcome.

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